Positive Equine

Jade Thompson

Offering a science-based approach to equine management and training with a strong focus on positive reinforcement (R+) and clicker training. Fifteen years experience in the equine industry with completed University degree level insight into animal behaviour and similar topics; particularly equine behaviour. Trainer with accredited zoo-level animal training experience with R+ methods. Carries NBEA and IAABC membership. While Positive Reinforcement is relatively new to the horse world, it is a science-backed approach to training and creating a more willing partner. 

Positive Reinforcement

The introduction of a clicker helps create cohesive markers and establishes the “right” answer, making it easy to work on issues such as:

  • Pushiness

  • Tying

  • Catching

  • Farrier/vet anxiety

  • Trailer loading

  • Anxiety with saddling

  • As well as preparing young horses for work and many other issues.



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